DH/HQ00002594 – Materials Engineer – Alton

Job ID = DH/HQ00002594

Job Title = Materials Engineer

Location = Alton

Salary = £ 30000.00 to £ 32000.00 per annum

The Materials Engineer will assist with the product realisation process within the Engineering team. Primary functions include identification of product requirements, product documentation and the creation and maintenance of engineering parts, products and documents within IFS.
Key Responsibilities:
  1. Run, control and develop/refine the existing programme of material testing. This will include goods in acceptance and testing of materials.
  2. Run the company-PDM lab, carrying out testing on materials & processes as required.
  3. Update and develop the adhesion best practice database.
  4. Act as a liaison between Engineering and Production on material processing including resolving material issues
  5. Manufacture & testing of prototype parts and assemblies as required
  6. Monitor the effects of changing legislation on the available materials database and research and recommend new materials for production applications
  7. Assist as required in analysing faulty product that is returned from customers
  8. Provide engineering support as required for all functional groups within the company, including Proposals, Business Development, Projects, Procurement, Operations and R&D & Product Support. This may involve client meetings and occasional off-site meetings."
  9. Build relationships with Scientific USA site.
  10. Interpret the requirements, associated with materials, of customer specifications and help apply them to the design.
  11. Select appropriate materials to meet the requirements of the products and all applicable customer specifications.
  12. Perform engineering testing, analysis and calculations if required to demonstrate the ability of the material selection in design to meet the product requirements.
  13. Use company ERP system (IFS) as required.
  14. Create documentation including technical specification, datasheets etc as required
  15. Generate, design and maintain/control design records in adherence to RoSH & REACH requirements
  16. Identify areas for improvement in existing designs and processes and identify effective solutions.
  17. Manage individual workload to meet the needs of the company.
  18. Ensure all new products and components introduced or worked on are assessed for customs tariff codes and export classifications as soon as possible and at latest before any purchase or sale of said items. (Note – that product changed may require re-classification.)

If you would like to know more feel free to contact me on 01189780888 or email dave@pdqengrec.com

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